"Hands like hope"
Charlie Parker


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"I would love to find a man who’s strong enough to catch me."

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fear is heavy weight to hold.


"The Spine" - by: (Warren Keelan)


"The Spine" - by: (Warren Keelan)


broken body




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"Roam if you must, but come home when you’ve seen enough."

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Circa Survive! Anthony Green is my spirit animal!

"Stay the course. Follow the code. Refuse distractions."
— Charlie Parker
"Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart."
Fyodor Dostoyevsky (via story-dj)

Mercy. .

"And she spoke to me and told me that I have been writing everything she has been feeling. I told her that I’ve only been writing what I’ve been breathing. And I cant see it, how you see me when I see you it will never be the same. Because I’ve been pleading into the parchment of how to transplant these words into your veins, into your skin. Literary sacrifice for our salvation, our words will save us but this lifeless bodies just wont hold up. So promise me you wont give up."
— Charlie Parker- Write to live (via thebeautifultragedyinyou)
"The space between the physical, mental, and spiritual connection between you and a absolute stranger is merely seconds. An awkward first interaction can cut the space between a stranger and future loved one. Who is willing to wade in that vulnerable space of time for seconds, for a eternity of love with the stranger you were made for? Tell me?"
— Charlie Parker Jr- The distance between strangers (via thebeautifultragedyinyou)


"She deserves every bit of grace that we intentionally don’t give her. Yes, she has broken hearts before but that doesn’t mean shes not worthy of love, now. Give her grace as if that is her name and it’s painted on your your lips every time you speak, touch, or kiss her."
— Charlie Parker- Give her Grace.. (via thebeautifultragedyinyou)